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The Best Alt-Pop and Indie-Pop EPs This Year

Updated: Jan 29

Why Alt-Pop and Indie-Pop EPs Matter in the Music Industry

In the ever-evolving music world, alt-pop and indie-pop genres have carved out a niche for their eclectic and emotive soundscapes. A crucial vehicle for showcasing this creativity is the Extended Play (EP), especially for emerging artists. This year has seen a plethora of compelling EPs in these genres, each offering a window into the artists' unique worlds. This article rounds up some of the most striking alt-pop and indie-pop EPs released, spotlighting the talents behind them.

vinyl record in a box

EPs serve as an essential stepping stone in an artist's career, allowing them to present a cohesive body of work without the commitment of a full album. They provide a snapshot of the artist's current creative state and are often more experimental and personal. For emerging artists, EPs can be a powerful tool for music discovery and establishing their presence in the industry.

Standout Alt-Pop and Indie-Pop EPs of the Year

Artist Name

EP Title

Notable Tracks


"Our Extended Play"

"Last Day On Earth"

Conan Gray

"Sunset Season"

"Idle Town"



"bon iver"

Girl in Red

"chapter 1"

"i wanna be your girlfriend"

Each of these EPs showcases the artist's unique take on the genre, from Beabadoobee's dreamy lo-fi sound to Conan Gray's introspective lyricism.

Artist Spotlights: The Stories Behind the EPs

Artists like Beabadoobee and mxmtoon represent the new wave of indie-pop, bringing personal narratives and fresh soundscapes. "Our Extended Play" and "dusk" are testaments to their evolving artistry, resonating deeply with young audiences worldwide. These EPs not only highlight their musical prowess but also their journey and growth as artists.

How These EPs Are Shaping the Future of Alt-Pop and Indie-Pop

The innovative elements in these EPs are setting new trends in the alt-pop and indie-pop genres. They are pushing the boundaries of conventional pop, introducing eclectic sounds and heartfelt themes. The success of these EPs paves the way for a more diverse and dynamic future in alt-pop and indie-pop music.

Where to Discover More Emerging Alt-Pop and Indie-Pop Talent

For those eager to discover more, platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud are treasure troves of emerging talent. Indie music blogs and social media platforms also offer a glimpse into the up-and-coming artists shaping the future of these genres. Keeping an eye on these channels can lead to the discovery of your next favorite artist.

EPs are a vital medium for emerging artists in the alt-pop and indie-pop scenes, offering a platform for artistic expression and audience connection. This year's releases have brought a richness and diversity to the music landscape, showcasing the immense talent brewing in these genres. As listeners, exploring these EPs not only broadens our musical horizons but also supports the artists shaping the future of music.

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